I had the most delicious stay in Melbourne.
**due to crappy internet photos will be uploaded later in the mean time refer to insta @travelandotherdrugs
 Wanting to do everything we were pushing it a little with the check in time…planning on getting there two hours beforehand turned into getting there with 90minutes to spare. Feeling relieved and safe that I made the check in queue I texted everyone “yay made it, I’m off to Hawaii”.

Half an hour later I was third last in line, I gave the lovely girl all my boarding info and my out flight to Mexico. She looks at me and asks proof of my other travel plans but I had only booked a ticket to Mexico. That’s when she drops the bomb…

“Sorry bordering countries with America don’t count, you need to book another flight right now or you won’t be able to board the flight”

Quickly to explain the problem, I am traveling on a Visa Waiver, which allows Australians to travel America for three months without a visa but you need an out flight booked. Planning on going to a festival in Mexico I booked a flight there and thought I was all set, but apparently not. Normally the check in closes an hour before the flight, my flight was at 5pm, check in closes at 4pm. I was at the desk at 4:05pm as she told me, 

“After the last person checks in they will close the check in counter and I won’t be able to get on the flight”

With my hands shaking I opened my browser on my phone, typing in: skyscanner:



Whole month of February…cheapest flight was 17th of Feb.

“I’m in, book me in…”the nerves are now getting the better of me..I’m looking over to the counter on the left, 1 more person is left..where the fu*k is my bank card…omg *frantically searching through my whole bag*

The girl at the counter asks..

“Is it all booked?”

I reply, “nearly”, as I’m entering my details in.

She finally comes over and says,

“Sorry, but you are too late you won’t be able to board we are closing the check in”

Luckily it just processed and I had the proof of a booked flight to let me get to America! 

Thank the lord!!!! 

As my best friends Dad always says, “it’s all part of traveling” and with that I run to my gate with an express ticket!

So homies my advice is to always check everything twice and arrive early incase something like this happens..but always be ready to wing it:) 

Next stop..Honolulu, Hawaii. 

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