For those that thought you could never travel back into the past, well you can, I certainly did this morning I started the 8th of December again landing in Hawaii an hour late and sure to say the rest of the day didn’t go as planned. I’m not too sure what the universe is trying to tell me but so far this trip has not been going to as planned. At least it is very spontaneous.

So some background Hawaii I only booked 3/6 nights, thinking I’d just test out the cheap hostel and then move closer if I needed to. So the cheap hostel happens to be way further then I thought and I decided that I should move. Sadly, there is a surfing comp and a marathon this weekend so everything is booked out, I walked from one hostel in Waikiki to another for an hour, facing rejection at each reception. Even my shitty hostel is booked out!

So here I am day 1 of my adventure on the island of Hawaii and once again I’m f**ked.

On a happier note as most of you who know me know that I believe that everything happens for a reason and the positive out come of this situation is I met this cool gal named Rach, she is doing the marathon this Sunday! And tomorrow we are going snorkeling.

I’m so sad but this wifi won’t let me upload photos but I will upload some from tomorrow on insta:)