So this morning my Argentinian mate Max, and I set of on another adventure to find the stairs. Although this time the no trespassing rule was implemented a bit more than with my other hike, with the guards at the bottom on the stairs so we couldn’t get up there. So we left disappointed, muddy and mosquito bitten.

Instead we just cruised along the palm tree high ways, listening to reggae beats, to some crystal water beaches of Hawaii and chilled out there. Pictures from Malapu’u beach will be up on my insta @travelandotherdrugs

After an amazing beach nap we went to Manoa Falls, I must say I felt like I was in a magic Forrest walking to the water fall it was so green that my eyes found it difficult to adjust!

Now I’m just chilling in bed, packing my bag to move on to the next hostel closer to Waikiki.

Thank you for reading!