So last night I met this Argentinian guy who offered to take me to the northern beaches.

This morning we began the journey to the Billabong Pipeline Masters comp to watch the first heat, but first we decided to climb the stairway to heaven, which is an epic set of stairs/hike you can do(pic on insta), unfortunately the GPS took us to the wrong place so we gave up on that idea and continued our journey to the Surfing Comp. *shaka*

When we go there the vibe was awesome, and we got to see lots of top surfers. We just chilled there for a bit watching some epic waves and surfing! To settle the debate whether Kelly Slater had wrinkles we went to the meet and greet area, where I managed to get a cheeky piccy with him.

After the comp we went to Waimea beach, as we got there the guys were digging a trough to join up the ocean and the river, the river would then run down to the beach and they would surf it. This took about them about 4 hours I think when we got there they were about an hour in if not more, I think around 6:30 the water started to flow faster and faster, widening the space the water was flowing through. It was pretty epic, the guys from Lume Cube were there filming a promo with Jamie O’brien, so I’m guessing that’s the reason for them doing that. As the flow of the river became stronger the edges fell into the river so once you felt your heels sink in, that meant it was time to move back or you could slide in with the sand.