NEW DAY NEW HOSTEL(post from 12th December)

Today I moved closer to Waikiki beach.
Bye bye Hawaii

Together we cried, we laughed, we enjoyed.

I haven’t posted in the past few days because I moved hostels closer to Waikiki beach a few nights ago and the Internet hasn’t been great. The actual place was kinda gross but super good location so I didn’t spend much time at home/had time to sit down and write. The bed was comfortable, but my roomies were not great, the place smelt like a rubbish bin and was crawling with insects.

Long story short the day I moved, I had an awesome day exploring and then I got home to tell our couchsurfer host what time I land, for some reason it said Thursday and not Monday, this made me very confused and then I realized that it was booked for January 14th 2016 not December 14th 2015, **palm to face**

And of course the Internet at the hostel didn’t work. But that is all sorted and I’m writing this on the plane.

On my second last night I met some interesting dudes who were staying at the Sheraton, so we partied there. And one of the actually invited me to go stay back at his place in the north shore, which would have been rad but Jackie awaits!!

On my last night my new friend Cam and I, chillen on Waikiki beach drinking vino out of coffee cups. And then went to watch a meteorite shower, which was actually pretty cool and somethings I would never had done. That is why I love to travel because I get to do things I would never do at home and meet people that I would have never met before.

Hawaii post with tips and hints coming soon! Let me know if you guys have any questions x