So if you have been reading my blog you know life has been tough…okay,okay 6 days in Hawaii can’t be too tough but I nearly missed a flight, booked a wrong flight and had a crazy mean roomie, oh and due to marathon in Hawaii I was a bit stuck for accommodation. Anywho things seem to be looking up…I am reunited with my friend Jackie.

Things that have been great:

– $8 semi shuttle bus that stopped on the st of my hostel

– Bottom bunk bed

– $5 cocktails all night Monday

– Riding all day on push bikes around Santa Monica and to Venice Beach

– Taco Tuesday, 2 tacos for $3

– Funny food packaging at wholefoods

– And then the finale that has left me gobsmacked is our couchsurfer host, so we got the uber to Brentwood and as we were driving in more, the houses were getting bigger and bigger, fancier and fancier. We finally arrived to 307 and I couldn’t believe my eye, a Porsche and a BMW parked out the front. I rang the front door gate and a lady answered, at that point I was a little worried thinking we have come to the wrong house, I introduced myself and she welcomed us in, into her beautiful white mansion. She then lead us to the pool house, with a king sized bed, on the way gesturing to the pool and the spa saying they were about 30 degrees (both) and we were welcome to use them! She them showed us around her house, showing us the coffee machine we could use, the breakfast cereal we could eat and the techy laundry room with big ass machines. Here is a link of their house being featured in a magazine.

A Brentwood, CA Home with Character

Currently I’m just chilling in the bed, with a heater on, after a long soak in the pool and the spa. Ahh such bliss, oh and I forgot to mention tomorrow we are going to watch dr phil and Jackie’s friend got us VIP tickets to the Conan O’brien Show and then we are going to the Clippers game!
Peace out babes, thanks for reading more posts to come!!!