So once again I find myself at the airport with my travel plans not going as planned, this time it wasn’t my fault though. I’m finally learning, right?
Anyways so what happened this time is our 8:25pm flight to Vegas from San Francisco was cancelled due to bad weather. The next option was 11pm the next day but luckily we got a 9am flight for tomorrow but we are going to be stuck in San Fran for another night. At least we have insurance to pay for our hotel and food! Yay!!!
We arrive to the airport at 7:15am to wait in the line for Virgin America, as we got to the counter to check in Jackies bag (because mine was missing as I never got it last night) and the lady says…”oh sorry, but United Airlines didn’t finish your reservation so you don’t actually have a ticket, you have to go back to United and get them to finish the reservation”.
United just cancelled another flight and the queues were insane, the wait was a few hours and it was 8am our flight was leaving at 9am. All the other flights to Vegas were sold out. So we wouldn’t be able to leave till like the 30th and we were meant to leave on the 28th last night.
We ended up pushing in to try and get it sorted for our 9am flight but they wouldn’t help us, Jackie started crying I was on a verge, begging them to help us while they still could get us on that flight. The man ended up serving us but wasn’t very helpful. He said, “we don’t know who has been doing it but we can’t do anything to help us apart from rebooking us on a new United flight. So we decided to run back with no time to spare and buy the Virgin America flights for $280 US our selves. We them got a priority sticker to go through security and ran to our gate. Luckily we made it on time.

A miracle occurred when my bag was there waiting for me at the Vegas airport.
When we got to our hotel, we found out that our hotel booking was cancelled because we missed the first night even though we already paid for the room. They got us checked in, in the end and we crashed in our king size bed.
That night we went out for giant margaritas and to Omina and saw Ricky Remero.

The next night we went to Zumanity which is a cirque du sole show, adults only 😉 and went around the world with CocaCola.

And on New Years Eve, we went to a club called Surrender to see Diplo, the place was awesome and we had a good night until we woke up…but that’s another story. (Yep those are scrubs)

We then rushed to get our 10am flight on New Year’s Day and safely made it to Miami.