The good shit is at the very end!!!!
So far HOLYSHIP has been pretty epic, on the 1st night we had the biggest feed and then went dancing. I became a part of the pizza crew and met Odesza, Adam from Peking duk, and the boys from Slumberjack.

 Day 2

Coco Kay got canceled, so we just woke up for breakfast at 11 and went back to sleep after. We slowly got our costumes on, tonight I am an alien. My costume got adapted throughout the night by some lovely ladies who stuck googly eyes on me (before and after below). We saw Peking Duk, Flosstradamus, and the Destructo’s sunrise set. Had some breakfast and went to sleep.

 Day 3

Was epic, I woke up super fresh went to yoga on the cruise ship, which was good! Then freshened up, chucked my bathers on and went to watch Peking Duk at the pool deck stage, from the Spa. Got dressed up again (lifeguard), watched a bit of Slumberjack and then went to have a feed at the Black Crab, which is a restaurant, I had a Pina Colada soup and some shrimp.

Once again we got rained out from pool deck to the theater stage. We saw Alice Wonderland, Flosstradamus, Snails, Tommy Trash, and then we moved the party to Galaxy stage I believe but I can’t really remember. There I saw my mate Patty who was dancing with Odesza, yes my fave band ever!!!!! So we had a cheeky dance together till the end of the set and then went upstairs to the artist chill area where we just talked shit and drank Pina Coladas with Odesza (Clay and Harrison), their vid guy Luke and Jai Wolf. Not gonna lie probs the best night of my life! Clay and Harrison are the nicest guys!!
It was sad to say bye bye to our amazing room!!

And now I’m back in Miami, I was meant to head out last night with Patty and Ruben from Peking Duck but I was way too tired. Now I’m just taking it easy in my not so glamours hostel room, at least there was free dinner! It’s hard to transition back to solo travel when you have been traveling with mates and the hardest part is transitioning from hotel’s king sized beds to tiny half a single hostel bed.
I still feel like I’m on the boat and the floor is rocking beneath me. HOLYSHIP blew my mind, I’m not sure if I just got lucky but I had the best experience, amazing boat, amazing food and amazing people!