So I had a bit of a shock when I moved into my hostel leaving my friends behind and meeting a crazy girl from Alabama. We greeted by her shaking her big ass in my face and then telling me, “I just lost my baby, and now I’m trying to get back into shape for the boys, but not from an abortion or anything it just stopped growing at 11weeks”. I was speechless, she than began to tell me that she just texted a guy, “I’m thinking about your big dick” and was surprised when he replied to her with some dirty shit. And the finally was when she told me she used to sell her body for money…man I was freaked the fuck out.

The first impressions of the hostel were not great, everything was rusty and falling apart, the kitchen was missing everything. I was just in a bad place, the hostel ended up rocking, free breakfast and dinner! One block away from the beach that had free yoga and amazing, amazing people.

Some of the highlights from Miami
-Free yoga on the beach

-Sleeping all day on Miami Beach

-Going in the DJ booth to watch MAKJ (total VIP, free drinks and great service)

-art walk in the art district of Miami, all the galleries were open and we could go in with djs and drinks and cool street art

-Making friends with one of the nicest dudes and big name in the EDM music industry

-Meeting an absolute babe from London who works as a lawyer for Nike. She invited me on this epic road trip around America but that means I have to choose between BPM or road trip! And I have no winter clothes!