I am completely in love with Mexico even though it has now stollen my favorite wallet with my keys to my hostel and keys to the locks that are on the locker and the bag but with some miracle I managed to actually forget the those keys at home so I didn’t need to get any locks cut.
Currently I’m sitting at the very cute local eatery with my 1L of fresh mango, orange and strawberry juice for $3. Waiting for an amazing feast!
On my first night here I decided to try find myself some cheaper tickets to BPM as I didn’t already have one, I got a hook up at my hostel and the guy was going to sell me the 10day ticket for $500 instead of $940, but it was still USD so I had the dilemma of whether to go for it or not and my friends were going out that night but I wouldn’t get it till the next day. That night I ended up meeting this french couple that got invited to a private BPM party on a rooftop of Thompson hotel where Apollonia were playing. It was free and fun. I thought to myself maybe I’ll just have to slum it and go to all the free events and maybe buy a few separate tickets.

Day two, I went to meet up with a girl called Jordan who my friend from home hooked me up with. The thing is we were on holyship together in the same massive Perth group but we never met. Our first meet up was actually here at the cafe where I’m writing this post from, but sadly it didn’t open till 6pm, so we went and got street food instead. And a miracle had occurred the other girl we were with Ani, said that she wasn’t feeling well and because it was raining she didn’t want to go out and said I could have her 10 day wrist band for FREE!!!! OMG! My luck was turning around which was great!! So that night we had pres, for some reason I bought all the ingredients to make mojitos but got a bottle of tequila…derp. The bottle of tequila cost me $5 which cost less than the shot glasses and I haven’t died.

Day three, so my Perth homies have left me and I was exhausted from the night before but the Paradise party was on tonight in the Jungle and I really wanted to go. I got home at 6pm from Jordan’s after discovering the most amazing taco place where I ate 3 tacos for $2, and they were the best tacos ever (picture below) I then decided to have a quick nap and post on the Holy BPM facey group(it’s a group on Facebook that was made for ppl that wee doing both Holyship and BPM so they could link up, coz #shipfam) to see if I could find some friends, I woke up at 7pm, 8pm,9pm and 10pm when I decided to finally get up to have some food. Downstairs I met some English girls who were going to the jungle so I decided to go with them, I made food and heard back from a guy of the Facebook group. We had pres at mine and went out. There I bumped into some dudes from Manchester I met the other night with the girls, got my wallet stolen, lost the other girls, had no money and no key to get back into the hostel. Luckily my new homies said I could stay with them and gave me some cash in the morning for a taxi.

Day four, I didn’t wake up till 5pm and then just slept the whole day trying to recover because tomorrow was a sunny day and I could finally go to a beach party (I forgot to mention the weather has been shite, raining all day every day).
Day five, I met some lovely ladies that work in Mexico teaching English and came to playa for the weekend at my hostel. We chilled at the beach (finally a sunny day) and then I relied on my trusty Holy BPM facey group to find me some friends. I ended up meeting up with this girl Alison, she was a lot of fun. We were originally with a guy she was hooking up with but then she decided we would have more fun without them. We ended up in someone’s cabana at the beach party with table service and lots and lots of free drinks.

Day six, today I decided that I had enough of partying and that I was going to Cozumel which is an island about a 35 minute ferry away from Playa. But then I got FOMO (fear of missing out) and I stayed and partied a little too hard. I checked out of my hostel thinking I was leaving and then I never checked in because I never came back till it was too late. Luckily I was with my new friends who I met through Luke a guy I met in my hostel in Miami (SOBE), after bonding about being Australian and our love for Holyship and how much fun we had on it, even though we didn’t meet there.They saved me by sneaking me into their hostel and finding me a spare bed.

Day seven, I’m finally out of here on the ferry to Cozumel, feeling like I’m about to throw up, I’m not sure if it’s the rough sea or the hang over.