Definition: my home is your home. I have experience the literal meaning of this. My time at Cozumel has only been great, apart from loosing my evil eye earring today but that’s okay Mexico has taken a lot of things and a lot of firsts(not PG so not covered in the blog).
A lot of people know that I believe that everything happens for a reasons and the more I travel the more I believe it. Firstly the meeting Jordan (Perth gal previous post) and now Luis. Luis and I first met at yoga which I was introduced to by a girl in my dorm. I only went with her to yoga because this crazy Canadian wouldn’t let me go for a walk with the other girls and her because apparently I was complaining a lot about being tired but I swear I was just dying in bed hungry. Anyways so I didn’t go get food I decided to go to yoga instead, I loved it so much that I went back the next day on my own. There were only two people in the class one of whom was Luis. We talked about diving a bit but not much more than that. The next day I checked out and decided to go for a walk along the beach seeing as it was a nice day. Not my original plan, my friend Jam and I hired a scooter the previous day and I still have it for a few hours before having to return it, I was gonna scooter to the other side of the island. I decided to have a quick practice first and nearly crashed 3 times, hence the change of plans. 
I walked along the rocky beach trying to find the perfect place to sit, and I did. I sat there planning to do a little bit of meditating, listening to the waves crash on the rocks. I then looked around and saw a couple sitting having lunch, I thought it was Luis but I wasn’t sure and couldn’t remember his name to call out so I just turned around and stared back at the ocean, few seconds later I hear “Dasha” I turn around to waving Luis. I grabbed all my things and walked over to join them. 
The girl with him was Janet, she is visiting on holidays from France. They know each other because they come from the same town in Mexico. They invited me to come and hand out with the them they were going slacklining, it’s a tight rope kind of thing very popular in Brazil. They then invited me to stay and party with them. 

That night we ended up cooking a massive, traditional Mexican dinner! So much food it was amazing:) everything was delicious and the next day we went snorkeling. Luis works as a tour guide on the cruise ships so he got us in for free! We saw lobsters, lots of fish and a stingray. That night we ended up cooking up a storm again! I am in love with Mexican food. 


The next morning I went to my favorite little juice joint that I found the other day $2 for one liter of smoothie or juice and then I set off for Tulum.