Hello again my lovely readers, I am back on track…maybe, but at least I will try and catch you up on what has been happening since my last post.

After Tulum I set off for Vallodalid to check out the Chichen Itza Ruins. The town was really cool, super small and easy to find everything I needed. I decided to go see the light show on the ruins which was the most incredible thing ever and I recommend it to everyone. Go see it, it is free.

Now, I am in Merida, a colonial city in Mexico. I has been a little home sickly, as the architecture reminds me of St Petersburg a lot and I love it. The first night I stayed in a very westernized hostel and I didn’t like. Although the main thing I really didn’t like was the beds, the bottom bunk was way too close to the top bunk, so it felt a little claustrophobic. I ended up moving hostels, to a local join that had the most amazing breakfast, but as I say everything happens for a reason. The reason that I say this is that if I didn’t stay at that shitty hostel I would not have met the lovely Priscila, who was working at the local icecream shop and let me try all the flavours, it was love at first sight. She then offered for me stay with her family. She has the loveliest parents and house, I will definitely come back in the future to stay with them and improve my Spanish. I got to watch a game of POK-DE-POK a mayan ball game, where the ball is up to 4kg in weight and they can only hit it with their hips or elbows.


I also participated in a Mexican cooking class, so now I can make empanadas. And I also bought some crazy ass earrings that look like stomachs, to go with my spoon and fork earrings as I eat like a fatty.