HEY HEY!!! I had big plans for the El Panchan, well actually quite the opposite, I was just going to have some solo time in the jungle, catching up on my blog, sleeping and relaxing. Although my trip to Palanque did not go as I planned. When I got of the bus in the morning I bumped into this Argentinian girl, Carla who was going to the same place as me, seeing as she spoke Spanish I decided to stick with her. When we arrived to Jungle Palace where we planned to stay they only had shared rooms, so we decided to share. She seemed to have a lot more energy than I after the night bus so we decided to check out the ruins. They were amazing, so many different once hidden all through the jungle.

After the ruins we decided to take a trip to the waterfalls which unfortunately were leaving only in the morning so we wanted to try go on our own but apparently it was too dangerous. Luckily we bumped into this guy with a car who took us all the way there and then to the supermarket. The jungle palace was great, apart from the fact that it didn’t have a kitchen so we couldn’t cook.

I was planning to stay longer but the Carla wanted to leave the next day, and seeing at the road from Palenque to San Cristobal always had issues (like tourist busses getting set on fire and bus drivers getting killed) and was seen as dangerous I decided to just leave with her. We booked a tour that started at our place and took us to two waterfalls. One of the waterfalls was supposed to be Agua Azul but Mexican style they changed the tour while we were already on it and took us to the same waterfall hat we have already been to Roberto Barrios, but those waterfalls are so incredible and massive that we had a completely different experience and then we set off for San Cristobal.