What can I say beautiful beaches and the perfect hot weather, I think I began loosing my tan after all the cold places that I have been to in Mexico, but it will be back.

I arrived to this beautiful place Vivo Escondido, welcomed by friendly faces and a pool. The next day I did a mini hike to a beach where I was the only person there, after visiting the local markets buying lots of delicious veges and a Tlayuda.

In San Cristobal I was recommended to have a “Octopussy Taco” from a place in Zicatela, Fish Taco and Beer, which was incredible. I would say it was the best taco I had in Mexico and it cost like the best taco, 30 pesos.

I really loved the people and the hostel but it was time to move on and explore as I was limited on time. Next stop Muzunte.