Mexico is a beautiful country and a popular tourist destination. Most travellers see Cancun as a hot spot and most of the other areas in Mexico as dangerous. I am here to show you that Mexico is way more than an all inclusive resort or a beach party. In this post I will talk about the different parts of Mexico that I visited, best ways to get around, best places to stay, best food to eat. This blog is written from a perspective of a budget traveller who is in love with Mexico and who was planning on traveling for 12 months. In saying that this is only a guide and feel free to splurge.

Mexico is a huge country which I personally didn´t realize when I first arrived. As always I didn’t really put much thought and planning into this trip, I love to travel through word of mouth or with the help of google and the amazing travel bloggers out there.

In this post I will assume you will arrive to Cancun like I had both times I visited Mexico.

CANCUN the capital on party. Personally not what I was looking for so I gave it a miss but I heard great things about a hostel called Mezcal.

Next stop. My first time I totally skipped these incredible islands heading straight to Playa De Carmen for an annual EDM music festival BPM but if you have time you should definitely check them out especially Isla Mujeres as its super easy to get to from Cancun.



Next stop! Another Mexican Island, the main way to get around on this island is with a golf cart that can be hired in many locations.


Next! This is a mini Cancun, lots of American tourists and huge party. Personally I only went because I was going to the music festival BPM.



Off Playa there is an island called Cozumel, it is known for its diving. I was there before I got my scuba but I met lots and lots of people that said it was incredible.



Our next stop on the journey is going to be Tulum, a little beach town you can not miss.



Next we are going to visit the famous Ruins in the Yucatan region Chichen Itza. The ruins are located just out of a town called Valladolid.



Next…there were two options to back track down to Tulum to go to Lake Bacalar or check out this old colonial city called Merida. I chose the later.



We are again at a cross road Laguna Bacalar or the Jungle, I realised I would be saving 540 Mexican pesos so I skipped it, but thats only $27US so if you are faced with that choice, don’t skip Lake Bacalar. It is by far my favourite place in Mexico, “but how?” you asked. As I mentioned earlier I came back the second time to Mexico and it is a great place to stop over before Belize or just to visit before heading to the Pacific side of Mexico. It is known as the lake of seven colours and it is breathtaking.


On my second time in Mexico after Bacalar I headed over to Belize, but your other option would be to head up north into the Jungle. You will be waking up to the sound of Howler Monkeys.


The next stop on the gringo trail is San Cristobal, there is a road connecting the two. Although when we were there the road was closed or at times just avoided because of the protests against the government. The protesters were robbing and setting tourist buses on fire. San Cristobal is a beautiful city up in the mountains, the temperatures there are nice and refreshing. The city was built for tourism so there are a lot of cobblestone pedestrian only streets and the city is jam packed with souvenir shops, delicious restaurants, cafes, and numerous bars.


Enough of the big city life, next stop the Pacific coast.


I left my big back at the hostel and packed a my little one with all the essentials and set off for the neighbouring beach towns. I stayed a few nights in Mazunte and took a day trip to the nudist beach Zipolite, where I popped my nudist beach cheery.


After I was done with Mazunte and Zipolite, I went back to Puerto Escondido to pick up my big bag and I left the coast and headed for Oaxaca city the capital of food. Now we are talking. I would also say it’s the capital of second hand shopping it was crazy there. And of course it is the home to Hierve el Agua a petrified waterfall that looks like an infinity pool.


After Oaxaca I began to run out of time fast. I had to get to Mexico City (DF) so I could catch my Flight to Guatemala. I met this couple somewhere, who lived in DF for a month and they gave me some hot tips of where to go, what to eat and what to see.



I haven’t been there but I heard awesome things it is another big city and if you have time I would recommend visiting it.


Another plans on my Mexico bucket list that I didn’t get to visit and would really love to.