How to get there? To get here you first have to get to Puerto Escondido and then you will get a collectivo to Mazunte.

Where to stay? Posada del Arquitecto is a very popular option and I actually wanted to stay there but they also don’t do bookings and work on first in first served basis and once you are in you are in so they never know who is going to check out until after check out. But don’t worry there are lots of other option in the street. Some how I got super lucky while trying to find a cheap deal. This guy saw me and said he had a friend that owns a hostel up the hill. I spoke with the owner of that hostel and unfortunately the price was too much but he then offered me another option a property he had on the beach. I somehow got a private place with a kitchen for cheaper. I did have a stoned Italian roomie but he was great.

Photo taken from where I stayed in Mazunte.

Where to eat? If you stay at a place with no kitchen there are restaurants along the main strip. Posada del Arquitecto has a nice restaurant with a beautiful view.

What to do? Posada del Arquitecto offer yoga classes.

You can also do a hike to the other beach. Below are photos from the hike.

Panoramic view of one of the three beaches on the hike.

Extra info.. From here you can go to the nudist beach Zipolite just get on the same collectivo you got off. There are lots of hostels and restaurant there but I just went for a day trip which was enough.

Photo taken from the hammock after a massive feast at a beach restaurant in Zipolite.

After Zipolite, I went back to Puerto Escondido to pick up my big bag and I left the coast and headed for Oaxaca city the capital of food. Now we are talking. I would also say it’s the capital of second hand shopping it was crazy there. And of course it is the home to Hierve el Agua a petrified waterfall that looks like an infinity pool.