How to get there? Easy, hop on an ADO bus. I think there are a few terminals you want to go to TAPO. From there you can get an Uber, taxi or public transport (I used google maps to plan my journey, super easy).

Where to stay? Mexico City is huge and has lots of different suburbs I stayed in one called Roma. It felt super safe, I even walked home alone after a night out. I stayed at a place called Hostel Home, it was really chill and had a kitchen. I then moved into my friend friend’s place for a few nights. Originally I wanted to stay at Suites DF Hostel because I heard good things about it but it was fully booked so you may want to book in advance.

Where to eat? Just like any other big city there are a lot of choices. It is a very multicultural place so you can find cuisines from all over the world. My favourite would have to be a street stall just down the street from Hostel Home making sushi (they were delicious).

You must must go to the food markets near Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and get a Huaraches it is the best one I have ever had. It was so huge my friend and I had to share and so so so so cheap. It was on a blue corn tortilla, with 4 types of meat, lettuce, four types of cheese one grilled, two sprinkled, one drizzled, nopal (cactus that they eat). The place is located in the middle of the food section of the markets and from the photo bellow you will recognise it but if you don’t find it, no fear there is sooooo much incredible food there you will leave satisfied.

My most favourite dish in Mexico, you must try it.

What to do? Visit Frida Carlos’s Blue House.

Selfie in Frida’s mirror that she used for self portraits.

Catch the train to the last stop to reach UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and visit the contemporary art museum. The three photos below are of an interactive exhibit where you sit in a little glass cubicle and breath in recycled air.

Teotihuacan Ruins the biggest in Mexico, super impressive. I highly recommend. Photos below are from different view points of the ruins.

Nacho Libre fight, really fake but super funny. Buy ticket there and just grab the cheapest ones you still see everything.

Photo taken from our cheap seats of the Nacho Libre fight.

Visit Biblioteca Vasconcelos, it cost them 1.4 million US dollars to build.

Photo taken in the Venconcelos library.

You can also check out a show at Bellas Artes, we went there to see the Folkloric Ballet.

The Bellas Artes, in the night time.

Party? Patrick Miller Night Club, I didn’t get to go but I heard amazing things.
And that brings me to the end of my trip in Mexico. Below are two places that I missed out but I recommend checking out.