How to get there? Just hop onto an ADO bus straight to Oaxaca city if you are in Mazunte you will need to come back to Puerto Escondido to get the ADO bus.

Where to stay? I stayed in a lovely hostel called Casa Angel it had a delicious free breakfast, lots of computers to use, a kitchen for the guests to use and a TV with Netflix and it offered tours.

Where to eat? Oaxaca was the first place where I tried blue corn tortillas and they were amazing. I stumbled upon a group of ladies making delicious tacos on my way to the markets. At that point in my travels I have very, very limited Spanish that I couldn’t even understand what was in the taco so I had to just stand there and watch them make them and then just point at what looked good. To my luck there was a local photographer doing a story for a local website, who was able to translate for me.

Blue corn tortillas and mini chorizo cooking.
My first blue corn chicken taco with hot sauce to match my pants.

Secondly, this is the place to try all 7 types of Mexican mole. The mole is like a Mexican type of curry that they use with different meats but it tastes nothing like curry. There is a green one I think they cook with pork, a red one with chicken and black and four more.

My sampler plate of the 7 moles.

Thirdly, they have these huge food markets 20 de noviembre with amazing local Mexican food, anything you can thing of they have Huaraches, Tlayudas, Tacos, Tortas, Sopas, Tamales and much more. They have lots of fresh juices, smoothies and they love Jamaica which is an infusion of dried red hibiscus flowers.

What to do? EAT!

Visit the big tree.

Visit Hierve el Agua the petrified waterfall.

Hierve el Agua.

I did both these things plus a Mezcal farm and a fabric factory with a tour I booked through the hostel. I would highly recommend it because to get to the waterfall on your own is really hard, but doable my friends did it (helps a lot if you speak Spanish).

Second hand shopping! You must must go. Its a little out of the main town and you might be warned its a little bit dodgy but just don’t go there after dark or don’t stay after dark, I know it will be hard because this is nothing like you have seen before. Its on the corner of Periferico (main st) and Gral Ignacio Zaragoza (ask the hostel they would know). My friends found this place by asking their Air BnB owner, they explained where to go. When I walked in, it was nothing like I have ever seen before there are just piles and piles of clothes everywhere, in each room and you have to walk on top of clothes to get anywhere. There is a little gap for you to get from room to room and to the cash register but otherwise you are climbing on top of clothes. I looked around to find a good place to plonk myself down. Once I found the prefect spot I just started to dig and dig and dig it was not long until I come across a complete gem and another one and another one and I was set. It was time to pay my fifty Australian cents for each item and I set off back to the hostel stopping over at some street food vendor for a snack.

Party? There are lots of funky Mezcal bars and salsa clubs.

Extra info.. Just have a look at the second hand store, you must.

After Oaxaca I began to run out of time fast. I had to get to Mexico City (DF) so I could catch my Flight to Guatemala. I met this couple somewhere, who lived in DF for a month and they gave me some hot tips of where to go, what to eat and what to see.