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How to get there? ADO bus to Palenque and then you want to catch a collectivo that is right out the from of the bus station to El Pachan, don’t stay in the city.

Where to stay? There is a few accommodation options in El Pachan. The cheapest one is Jungle Palace you can get a shared bathroom for 100 mexican pesos. They don’t take bookings, rooms are allocated on first in first serves basis. If you are traveling with someone its worth looking at Margaritas its a bit newer. Be warned there is no kitchen or free wifi. They do have two restaurants where you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and purchase wifi.

Where to eat? The two restaurants they have there or get a collectivo into town.

What to do? Most people come for the ruins, which are hidden in the jungle this could also be a day trip activity without having to spend any time in Palenque.

The Palenque ruins from the ruins.

Another popular activity is visiting Agua Azul but when we were there, there were riots and protest going on so the road was closed. We ended up going to Roberto Barrios waterfalls twice which was cool because they are so huge. We had a completely different experience both times, the waterfall has lots of underwater caves that you can explore.

Roberto Barrios waterfalls.

Party? You can have a few drinks at the restaurant but its a pretty chill place.

The next stop on the gringo trail is San Cristobal, there is a road connecting the two. Although when we were there the road was closed or at times just avoided because of the protests against the government. The protesters were robbing and setting tourist buses on fire. San Cristobal is a beautiful city up in the mountains, the temperatures there are nice and refreshing. The city was built for tourism so there are a lot of cobblestone pedestrian only streets and the city is jam packed with souvenir shops, delicious restaurants, cafes, and numerous bars.