How to get there? ADO bus to San Cristobal, we actually booked a tour from Palenque that visited 3 waterfalls and then dropped us off in San Cristobal.

Where to stay? I stayed at Puerta Vieja Hostel. The breakfast is included and there was always a sweet and savoury option, both looked delicious. They offer free yoga and every second night they have all you can drink Mojitos (strong and delicious) for the ladies.

Where to eat? There is just so many choices. A lot of the wine bars offer free tapas with every drink you buy.

What to do? They have huge markets, a beautiful church, lots of shopping and great coffee shops to relax in.

Visit El Arcotete go zip lining for 100 Mexican pesos and explore the caves for 10 Mexican pesos. Its a nice place to come with a group and have a picnic. They also have lots of this funny single rope swings everywhere. You can get a local bus there or a taxi.

Photo taken of me of the funny one rope swing.
Photo taken from the cave tour of the view.

Sumidero Canyon tour, you can go with a tour or on your own, do the tour because it is the same price and easier.

The Sumidero Canyon.

Party? Start the night of with a free Mojito or a tapas and wine, and end it in a Mezcal bar or a Salsa Bar.

Enough of the big city life, next stop the Pacific coast, Puerto Escondido.