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How to get there? Once again just hop onto an ADO but to Merida or if you want you can hitchhike.

Where to stay? Zocalo which means main square in Spanish. Guess where it is located…on the main square. Hands down one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Firstly it is run by locals, there is no silly wristband bullshit. No bunk bed bullshit everyone has their own bed. And the best thing about the hostel is the included breakfast. OH MY G! You name it they had it, all types of fruit (watermelon, grapes, mango etc), yogurt, they made you an omelette to order, coffee, tea, juice, milk, cereal, cream covered strawberries, bread, butter, jam, peanut butter..well you get the idea. Best place ever!!!!! They also had a kitchen and free all day tea and coffee. Huge lockers, good showers and toilets. Seriously, I would just go to Merida for this hostel. Oh and I forgot to mention it is in an old beautiful building with high ceilings.

My beautiful Prici during our gringo Mexican dinner.

Where to eat? There have huge food markets. Also its a pretty big city so it has western food options like sushi. It has lots of nice coffee shops and bakeries. Lots of local taco spots.

And you must must visit an ice cream shop called Pola. All the flavours are natural and everything is made in store with organic ingredients. They make the waffle cones there so the place smells like bliss. It will always have a place in my heart because that is where I met my Mexican Hipster friend Prici, who let me try all the ice cream flavours and then invited me to come stay with her family.

Party? Lots of funky bars, with great Salsa music.

Extra info.. Walk the streets the city is beautiful.

Friday nights in the main square they play Poc de Poc, which is an ancient Mayan ball game that they recreate. It kind of reminds you of quidditch but instead of chasing the ball on broomsticks they try and hit it with their hips and get it through a hoop that is 3m high. Watch the video by clicking here.

Next…We are again at a cross road Laguna Bacalar or the Jungle, I realised I would be saving 540 Mexican pesos so I skipped it, but thats only $27US so if you are faced with that choice, don’t skip Lake Bacalar. It is by far my favourite place in Mexico, “but how?” you asked. As I mentioned earlier I came back the second time to Mexico and it is a great place to stop over before Belize or just to visit before heading to the Pacific side of Mexico. It is known as the lake of seven colours and it is breathtaking.