See you soon Puerto Escondido, hello Mazunte and Zipolite. I set off on my bus adventure to Mazunte with my day pack after my homie Kapono said I could leave my big bag with him. It took me a long time that day to leave as always I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do but in the end I left.

When I got to Mazunte at 4pm it was super hard to find any accomidation, I walked hostel to hostel, guesthouse anything and everything. Things were either all booked out or too expensive. In the end I ended up walking really far away and that place was booked out too, but there was a guy sitting in there who said I should go to this dude called Amiliano he owns heaps of hostels which are super nice and that I could find him in his restaurant. I decided to follow his advice and find Amiliano. In the end the dude hooked me up with this sweet place right on the beach, with the kitchen, hammock and my own double bed. I could see the sunrise and the ocean from my bed. I also had an Italian, stoner room mate, who was super lovely and had this cute gf who he would teach yoga everyday.

That night I cooked up a feast in the kitchen. The next day my friend from Puerto came to visit me and then I went on a hike to some beaches, apparently there were three but I only got to the second one. Where I walked past some nudists, who inspired me to get naked, so I did. I also watched the sunset there and headed back to cook some more epic food.

The next day I woke up did yoga and decided to visit the nudist beach, seeing as I was slowly becoming one, but I wasn’t going to get naked, but in the end I did. Why not, right? I was actually surprised about how little naked people were there, and confused to whether I was in the right place or not. And then I had an old, naked couple walked past and I knew I was in the right place. I found a nice place on the beach, to myself, and got my junk out. The best part was swimming until the strong current, quickly began taking me away, and away from my clothes. To get back to my clothes I had to get my ass out and do a quick nudie run. I finished my day in Zipolite, with a Carona and a fish Ceviche and then headed back for Puerto.