The other day I went on a day trip to Flåm and since I haven’t posted in a while I thought I would make a quick post about it.

Flåm is very small and is located on the inner end of the deepest and the second largest Fjord, called Sognefjord. It is surrounded by many mountains and waterfalls.

How to get there? 

There are a few way you can get to Flåm. From Bergen, that is where I was coming from, you can catch a bus (shortest and cheapest option), a ferry or the train. You can also get there from any place on the train line between Bergen and Oslo. If you are doing that you will need to change trains in Myrdal to the Flåmsbana.

Once you get there, there is a tourist center where you can purchase tours, buy tickets and get maps.

When I arrived I was informed that unfortunately, there was a huge cruise ship and most tours were booked out, including the famous Flåmsbana train! “Arghhh, why is the happening, first the shitty weather, now this, Norway hates me”, I thought to myself. But luckily the stars aligned or maybe it was my guardian angel but there was one more train at 4pm that still had some spots, and that allowed me enough time to do a return trip and be back for my bus back to bergen.

What to do?

Go on a hike – at the trourist information you can get a map with lots of different hikes, from short to long. The maps are really easy to follow and a great way to spend the day. I would recommend packing a lunch and enjoying it with a view up in the mountains.

Ride the Flåmsbana – one of the most scenic train routes to take in Norway, I had the pleasure of taking it twice (highly recommend). Tip: Flam to Myrdal sit on the right and sit on the left if you are going the other way (better views).

Hire a kayak – unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do this but I met two English guys who were starting there camping/kayaking trip from Flåm to the next town over. It is also nice to just hire it for a few hours and explore the Fjords.

Where to eat?

There are few cafes and restaurants to choose from, there is also a bakery that smelled delicious and if you are on a budget there is a supermarket called Coop.

Where to stay? 

I only went for a day trip due to the weather forcast but I was going to stay at a Youth Hostel  they have camping available or dorms at a cheap price. Of course if you are not on a budget there are a few hotels and cabin options in Flåm. Also if you have your own camping equipment, in Norway you are allowed to camp where ever but you can also stay at campsites with showers and toilets.

Hope you have enjoyed the read, and this post helps you plan your adventures in Flåm!