We all know I travel to chase the sun, so you can imagine my disappointment when I arrived to an over cast and rainy 17 degrees. “Welcome to Oslo,” they said. The only silver lining was seeing my Beautiful friend Ingrid that I met over 2 years ago in Brazil.

It was so fun reuniting with Ingrid and catching up. She was really excited to celebrate the 17th of May or Norway Day as I call it, and they laugh. 

Norway Day was awesome, we started off with a huge, no…gigantic champagne breakfast. 

Some how the weather held out and it didn’t rain. There was even some sunshine when we went and watched the parade. I got to wave at the queen and king before heading back home for a BBQ on Ingrid’s rooftop. 

The next day…you guessed it the weather turned to shit again and it rain. One of my friend recommended visiting The Well, a spa and bathhouse with 15 different saunas, 11 pools and over 100 types of showers. I highly recommend it, if you want to get pampered we got the package with lunch and ended up nearly spending 8hrs there.

We then boarded the train to go to Stavanger where we were going to hike to Preikestolen. Wowza, that hike was incredible, obviously the look out was amazing but the whole two hours were breath taking and we got so lucky with the weather. That’s when I knew Norway was warming up to me, literally. 

Ingrid and I then parted, she flew back to Oslo and I boarded the ferry to Bergen. In my true form I confused the ferry length thinking it was 3.5hrs but in actual fact it was 5.5hrs. Luckily I found a couch and slept most of the way.

“Bergen, one of the rainiest cities in Norway…great,” I thought to myself. But to my surprise there was only one rainy day out of the seven I was there. On the second day I was there I hiked one of the 7 mountains that surrounded the city. 

The next day I took a day trip to Flåm again getting lucky with the weather there. On the last day that I was there it was 23 degrees and it was hot! I popped my Fjord swimming cherry, oh my it was cold! But as sooon as you got out you were hot again because the weather was amazing! 

There are two reasons for why I fell in love with Norway, one being obviously the fantastic weather that I had in Bergen. Okay, three reason, second being the beautiful scenery and third being the people. On the rainy day, Marieke (my German friend I stayed with in Bergen) took me to her friend’s house for Norwegian tacos (which are just standard western tacos, not authentic Mexican). The dinner was followed by random dancing in the living room and the night ended with someone whipping out a guitar and jamming and singing till 3am in the morning. Definitely a random night to say the least, but so incredible just the way I love it!
Thank you Norway and thank you my old and new friends!