I once again find myself in a quarter life crisis (yes, a term I coined myself). I guess when you are in your everyday life, going on about your day its rare for you to take a moment to stop and ask yourself, “what is my passion?” I invite you to take a moment and do so now.

Above is a quote I stumbled upon in a cafe in Bulgaria, it bought a tear to my eye. It made me stop and acknowledge how amazing my life has been so far. I have been traveling for nearly 5 months all over Europe, and there have been a lot of long journeys through airports or via buses that allowed me to listen to some podcasts and reflect on life. I am constantly heartwarmed and disheartened by humans on Hack (news etc. back in Australia), I’m inspired and confronted by the amazing people being interviewed on How I built this with Guy Razand I have laughed, cried and got aroused with Guys we f****dThus eventually bringing me to think about the question I asked you all. What is my passion? 

I just turned 24 years old, I have an undergrad in psychology, I’m a yoga teacher, I helped start the staffing side of a marketing company, I have traveled through countries like Honduras and Colombia on my own. I have visited 44 countries in my lifetime. But what now? I want to travel forever, yet have a career and a family and kids. How can I have it all? Is it even possible? Since my birthday 9 days ago I have again began questioning my purpose/passion in life and just questioning life in general. What is next? Do you ever wonder this? I guess 24 is the age on uncertainty, right? Some of our parents already had us at that age, mine sure did. Do you feel like you have a balanced life or do you feel like you constantly have to give something up? I would love to hear from you to see that I am not alone or maybe just crazy…

Lastly, I stumbled upon this incredible video yesterday that really resinated with me and I wanted to share it with you.