This post is written from a perspective of a 22 yer old, white, blonde, female so these tips might not apply to everyone. I wrote this after my adventure through Central America, the tips below are not limited to that area but perhaps in Europe you won’t be worried about your bus being hijacked.

1. Don’t walk around alone at night.

2. Travel in groups (although I didn’t always do that)

3. Don’t wave around your new iPhone, DSLR camera, or phat stack of cash.

4. Avoid arriving to a new place at night, I preferred catching the night bus from an area I was already familiar with so I could arrive to the new location in the morning.

5. Follow your intuition if you are having a bad feeling about something see if there is another option.

6. If you are getting held up by a knife or a gun just give them what they want. This is rare if you follow the steps above but you just need to be prepared for everything. Another thing I did is I said good bye to all my belongings at the beginning of the trip that way I was emotionally prepared if anything was stolen or lost.

7. It is okay to be paranoid and overly cautious, as they say its better be safe than sorry but just remember that there are a lot of amazing people out there and sometimes people genuinely will want to help a lost gringo.

Hope these help, and don’t let fear stop you from traveling 😉