1. Cuba doesn’t have to be expensive if you do it right!

2. You will be treated as a walking wallet and probably ripped off on many occasions.

3. If you are female you might end up with a Cuban boyfriend, if you are a male you will be told to back off and stop talking to “their” women.

4. The food there is delicious but you won’t find stuff that you get from a Cuban restaurant back home.

5. They have beautiful beaches.

6. There is wifi.

7. There are new cars.

8. Rum is cheaper than water.

9. Bring everything with you the store shelves are empty.

10. There are two currencies, tourist and local.

11. Hole in the wall food is cheep and delicious.

12. The local buses are cheaper and more comfortable than a collectivo. You will be surprised how many people they can jam into one car, don’t do it (book buses in advance).