I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my adventures in India. Is it safe? Where should they go? What is the best way to get around? What is my favorite place? What is the best thing I ate? Is it expensive? So I have written a post about that here (coming soon) and now I will talk about my favorite spot where I have been twice already and planning my third trip, Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is a small town on the Ganges River surrounded by mountains, it is known as the capital of yoga in India and is a very spiritual place due to the energy from the Ganga and the people living there.

Is Rishikesh dangerous? No, it is a small place where everyone knows each other. I have walked around after dark many times. The locals will warn you and tell you to be careful especially during the wedding season when a lot of people from other parts of India come and bring in alcohol. Rishikesh is normally an alcohol free place.

Is Rishikesh expensive? No, in rishikesh you can find lots of affordable accommodation. My first night I stayed in a 6 bed dorm for $6 a night. I then moved into an ashram where I had a very basic room to myself with a shared bathroom for $3 a night. A few of my friends were staying in guest houses with common kitchens and the prices were $8-$15 a night. The tip is not to book online unless you have a contact because it will be way cheaper if you rock up and book in person. Just make sure it’s not during the high season or over special holidays because things book out. Food is also super cheap, if you are on a strict budget you will be able to eat out for a $1 a meal if you cook it will work out even cheaper. If you want to splurge and eat like a king it will cost you $4 a meal, $5 max.

What is there to do in Rishikesh? Yoga, hike, eat, shop and enjoy the Ganges River.

Yoga – As I mentioned above Rishikesh is a hub for yoga. Here are some teachers my friends have raved about.

Usha Devi

Ashish Kumar Sharma – usually does drop in classes at the Green Hotel


Hiking – There are a lot of different hikes that you can do in the Rishikesh area, some hikes are only done in certain months so make sure you research that as you plan your trip. A popular short hike is to the Beatles Ashram.

Food – For the best food you will have to get a tuk tuk or scooter into town. The best lassi I have ever had was from Pappu Lassi and the best and the cheapest food was from Rajasthani.

There is also an amazing dosa place around the corner from the Pappu lassi.

Something closer – the best curries are at Purple Dhaba, best shakshuka is at Omkar, the best soups and vegan food is at Ayurvedic Cafe, best chocolate Reece’s balls are at the German Bakery, the best smoothies and lemon, honey, ginger drink is at the Juice House, the best vege burger is at the Beatles cafe, the best pizza with a view is at Garden Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Shopping – There are a lot of shopping opportunities both at Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula and in between but if you wanted to get more of a local feel and on a bigger scale you will have to get the tuk tuk into town. Just say you want to go to the markets and they will drop you off. On one side there will be the food market and on the other is clothes and anything you can think of from pots to heaters.

Ganges – The river is a place for rituals, swimming, acro yoga and relaxing. You can offer it gifts and ask for something. It is a great place to cool down if its a hot day, just make sure you are covered if you are a female. I used to go to the beach area and practice acro yoga with my friends.

Hope this post gave you a better idea of what to do Rishikesh, if you have any other questions comment below.

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