The time of my workaholism has finally come to an end and I am off on my next adventure. Yolly arrived today to pick me up for our road trip from Perth to Kununurra.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Yolly on Sail Turkey that we embarked on in the summer of 2017. We got on like a house on fire and I visited her in Busselton when I returned from my European adventure. We chatted about wanting to do this road trip and then she bought a van and here we are.

Our first stop is Geraldton a rural, coastal, city with a population of nearly 40,000. It is 415kms from Perth which took us about 5hrs with a stop for some salt and vinegar chips, which is a must on an Aussie road trip, and we got stuck in traffic because we left Perth too late on a Friday (would not recommend).

We finally arrived around 10pm met up with my mate who lives up here. Our number one mission was to remember to put our fridge on charge and get a pot to cook our pasta. Jake helped us out with both and then we went to sleep for our first night in the van.


Today we woke up nice and early to go grab some supplies that we didn’t have time to pick up in Perth. Geraldton is a great place to stop and buy anything last minute you didn’t get in Perth because it the last city before rural towns start and the prices are more. There are are a few cute cafes that you can relax in. One of my favorite coffee shops is Piper Lane Cafe and it’s right next to my fave shop, Cavania.

We also stumbled upon and indoor market. I have been looking for a book a mate of mine recommended The Celestine Prophecy, so I have been trying to manifest it, either a gift or in an op shop and today I finally found it for $6.50 in this indoor market. Woop, woop such a win. The first chapter and I’m hooked especially because it is this trip, a trip I have been wanting to do for years and then I meet Yolly. You kinda have to read the book to understand.

We drove past and sunk into the Pink lake in Port Gregory (it is 97km from Gero). The lake is a half way point between Gero and Kalbarri (Kalbarri is then another 67km from that).

When we got to Kalbarri we scouted car parks and lookouts for a place to park our van over night for free.

We finished the day off with a sunset picnic in Kalbarri town centre before heading to our sleeping spot. I’ll keep you posted on whether the rangers found us.

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