Update, we didn’t get caught by the ranger and we flew my drone for the first time. Since we woke up before 7am and the wind had not picked up yet. We then drove back into Kalbarri town for showers and breakfast. After breakfast we went snorkeling at Blue Holes Beach, where I saw lots of different fish all shapes and sizes and a HUGE star fish.

After the beach we decided it was time to move on to Shark Bay. The river in Kalbarri has flooded so the water in town was murky and brown and not what we were expecting.

Four hours later we got to Shark Bay and our first stop was Shell Beach. The water was crystal clear and just the right temperature. We spent the rest of the afternoon there until it was time to head into Denham to find a place to crash. We asked a few bloggers for tips on where they stayed for free and they suggested an app Wiki Camping but unfortunately there was nothing for Shark Bay.

When we got in town we did a loop and saw a few vans parked up together on the beach front and decided to join them. Tonight was pasta night, so we got all our stuff out to make dinner. We ended up chatting with some people from the other vans and learned an awesome tip that will get us some fun adventures for sure. One of the girls told us that they just go to houses and ask if they can stay in their drive way (genius), we have been trying to use tinder but the old fashioned way is so much better. They told us about the awesome people that have hosted them and how friendly and hospitable they had been. They did say it was better to ask during the day before it got dark and unfortunately we were there for sunset so it was too late for us. One of the guys of tinder recommended some place for us to try and stay at so we decided to try there.

As we were driving out of town a kangaroo jumped out and we nearly hit it, at that point we decided it was better to turn back and find something in town. When we were driving out of town I noticed an old couple walking towards their property and decided to try them. Unfortunately by the time we returned they were already inside but then I noticed their neighbours were out as we drove past. We decided to drive back again and try our luck, circling their house. Eventually we got the courage to ask if we could park up on their drive way and they agreed and ushered us into their driveway. And here we are, this is where I am writing the blog from.

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