This morning we work up in a driveway of some lovely Denham residents. Our one big mistake was not to ask them to stay another night because once again we find ourselves stranded. Our original plan was to stay in Monkey Mia at their camp site for $11 a night, which we looked up the night before online. Well…guess what? It doesn’t exist and the only place to stay at is the RAC resort or the backpackers which are both out of our price range. We thought we would just drive back and ask the same people but they seem to be out tonight so that’s a no go.

Last night when we were chatting with the girls we noticed a guy looking a little out of place. He had all his belongings, a huge backpack on the back and a little one of the front. He just sat on a picnic bench a few meters from us. I wondered about him but didn’t approach him and went on with our night. Today we saw him again at the gazebo and decided to join him to make dinner. It was sad to find out that he was homeless last night because his car, that he has been living in, is broken so he had nowhere to sleep last night. He also told us that he has been volounteering at Monkey Mia the past few days but had no way of getting there today. If only we spoke to him last night we could have taken him there today but instead he was stranded in Denham.

Since he has been staying in town the last few days we asked him where he has been parking his car and hallelujah, I think he might have saved us tonight. He told us that he has been parking is at the resort across the road because their reception hours are 7am-9pm.

Now backtrack to the start of the day. As we woke up we raced off to Monkey Mia to watch the dolphins get fed. Wow, I have never seen dolphins up close for this long, unfortunately we didn’t get chosen to feed them but we learned a lot of facts about them. After that we found a quiet spot on the beach to sunbath and relax. During lunch we got our water colours and did some art and then I went to fly my drone. On the way back to Denham we went past the Little Lagoon.

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