Hurray! It worked out for us to sleep at the hotel car park but we did get up at 6:30am to leave. On the way out we stopped off at Shell Beach but the flies were killer so we decided to leave and check out Canarvon before the closest rest stop to Coral Bay.

We drove about an hour out and the car started to play up we couldn’t do much past 90km/h and then 80km/h and then 70km/h, 60km/h, 50km/h, 40km/h and finally 30km/h and we had to pull over and let the car rest. We pull out our phones to call for help but seeing as we were 90 minutes out of town by then and there was no reception. We had our hazard lights on and waited for someone to stop. We were trying to manifest some knowledge of what was wrong and some help.

In the 20 minutes we were waiting there, sweating our asses off no one stopped. I was just saying to Yolly that my faith in humanity is lost as a car with a boat trailer pulled up. At first we weren’t sure if they were there to help us or if they were just stopping but then two guys got out and started walking towards us. At that point we realized that we were only in our swimsuits, Yolly yells out, “Shit! We are naked! Better throw something on,” and we scrimmage to put some clothes on.

The guys came and looked at our car, we explained the issue and then one of them drove it for a bit to see what was happening. They then narrowed down the issue to it being something to do with the fuel pump and the that we are using the cheap dirty fuel that was clogging up the fuel pipe and to have it looked at. We exchanged details and set good bye.

Just before the next “town”, where we were originally going to look for a mechanic, which ended up being just a service station, I get a text from Dan, he was one of the guys helping us. The text said to stop at the next stop they had another idea. They recommend that we us the premium fuel and that it should flush out the fuel pipe, then if that doesn’t work we should go to the mechanic.

We drove through Canarvon, it was full of seedy men, reminding me of time I spend in India. I was surprised that there was such lack of social etiquette. The town was pretty but didn’t have much to offer and we were worried about getting to the rest stop if we have to drive at 80km/h so we had a quick dip at the town centre and set off towards the rest stop.

On the way out we were recommended a farmers markets, local fruit and veg shop that we were planning to get all our supplies at. We realized they only had the fruit from the farm mangos, passion fruit and bananas. After leaving disappointed we were too worried about the car that we didn’t go back into town we decided to just keep on driving forward.

We finally got to the rest stop on time because our car decided to drive 100km/h (which is our usual limit). We found a nice spot in the shade, poured ourselves some Mimosas and then we saw it. A huge sandstorm coming towards us, we decided that we had to pack everything and leave to Coral Bay. We knew that in Coral Bay there would be no free area to leave our car and we would most likely be stranded again.

We made it just in time to watch the most magical sunset, had a quick dip and then got our stuff to take a shower. Budget tip on how to get into the caravan showers, either knock on the door or pretend you forgot your key and ask someone for one.

After dinner we scouted for a place to sleep and then made dinner. We decided on trying to stay in the backpackers car park over night and just to wake up super early. When we were scouting for a place we saw a guy sitting in his van in the car park. We asked him if he was sleeping there and he said no, he got a spot in the backpackers but he did sleep in the car last night because the key didn’t work for his room and the reception was closed by that time. He told us that no one checked on him so we should be fine to stay there.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of the alarm. The sun hasn’t come up yet but we had to get out of the backpackers carpark before the ranger came to do the rounds at 6am. We decided to just leave the car in the carpark and go watch the sunrise on the beach. The sunrise was beautiful. After that we found a nice spot on the beach for a cheeky nap.

Around 8am we headed back to our van to drive it over to the washing station to do the dishes from last night and to clean up our van. As we were cleaning up, Paul the guy from the backpackers carpark pulled up. He has been leaving up in Broom and is now moving to Perth. He gave us some tips on Exmouth and then told us about his epic snorkeling adventure yesterday, where he saw dolphins, sharks and a turtle. We decided that we would go snorkeling with him seeing as he had the good luck. Unfortunately his luck had run out and we didn’t see anything that special but it was still so exciting to see all the different fish. My favorite is when I get to see big schools of fish swimming together.

Now we are just relaxing in the shade under the tree. Our plan for today is to chill here for the next few hours, then pack up and move to a rest stop for an early night. Next stop Exmouth.

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