Lots of beautiful things had happened since we had decided to leave for Exmouth. I haven’t written in a while but I’ll catch you up.

When I posted the last blog from Coral Bay I thought that was the end of the day and nothing exciting will happen for me to write about. I was about to go for a last dip in the ocean, before we once again attempted to sneak into the caravan park for a shower, and then leave to stay at a rest stop just before Exmouth.

When I went down to the beach there were some people playing music and having drinks in the water. I floated about enjoying the turquoise water and the perfect temperature before deciding to get out and find Yolly.

As I was walking to my towel I heard, “Excuse me”. I thought it was coming over from the guys I saw in the water and decided to just ignore it. I dried myself and as I turned around to look back at the water as I saw a man approaching me. He said, “Excuse me, I was wondering if you wanted to join my friends and I for a beer”. I was hesitant because I knew Yolly was waiting for me but we also haven’t met many friendly people and I liked that he made the gesture. Thus I decided to say, “Yeah, why not?”. As he handed me the beer he introduced himself as Alf, we walked over to his friends, Nathan and Matty. He also pointed over to three people that were swimming a little further away and said, “Those are our friends from Exmouth”.

They asked me what I was doing here and I told them about our trip. They then began to tell me that Coral Bay is so much better than Exmouth and that we should stay here instead of leaving. They said that they would take us out of their boats the next day to see whale sharks, that we could shower at theirs and park our van there over night. I told them that I’ll go ask Yolly but I knew that a free shower would win her over.

When I got to the van she was sitting in the back waiting for her Mum to call. I ran up and was like, “Omg, you will never guess what happened…”

I saw a look of panic on her face until she saw a beer in my hand. I told her what happened and that the guys were inviting her over for a beer. She agreed, we locked up the van and walked down to the beach.

After a few rosés in the water we decided to move the party back to their house. We followed their shiny, new, black Toyota HiLux. As we were driving we began to recognize the streets because the night before we walked around trying to find a place to park our van. When we got to their house we recognized it straight away because it was the house with two massive boats parked outside of it.

The other two guys from Exmouth weren’t actually from Exmouth they were a couple from England backpacking and they were planning on trying to find job and move to Exmouth. They too were currently living out of their van and were super excited about a fresh water shower. We took turns showering and then sat out on the veranda drinking rosé and watching the sunset.

The next morning we were supposed to wake up at 5am to go finishing with the boys but the night ended up being a big one and they didn’t wake up and neither did we. So no boat fun times for us but we just chilled in air con, slept the hang over off and then decided to make our way to Exmouth.

As we left Coral Bay, five minutes into the trip we broke down again. The van would not go over 30km/h. We saw the English couple Matt and Liv drive past us as we chilled on the side of the road giving the van a little break. For about an hour we drove at 50km/h and then finally the van decided to speed up to our max 100km/h. The trip in total took us three hours instead of one and a half.

When we finally got to Exmouth we messaged the boys that helped us the first time we broke down to tell them we finally made it and they invited us over for drinks and showers at their camp site. We didn’t last long because we were exhausted from the three hour drive with no air conditioning and we were still recovering from the night before.

To be continued…

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