As always we woke up before sunrise. We drove a few meters down the beach to watch the sunrise and wait for the mechanics to open. This would be the first visit but unfortunately not the last. We dropped off the van at the Exmouth 4×4. The guys who own the place are so lovely. They gave us a lift into town and said they would call us when the van was ready.

We explored the little town, found a giant camping chair, and went into a few clothes shops. Then we checked out some dive shops and whale shark tours. We found out that only Dive Ningaloo offered the Navy Pier dive. The Navy Pier dive has been voted one of the top ten spots to dive. I ended up booking four dives with Dive Ningaloo, two at Navy Pier and two at Ningaloo Reef.

Around one we got the van back. The mechanic told us that the fuel filter has been clogged and he swapped that over and then he also told us to put some new wheels on because our ones were wore out.

Feeling excited after we got some new wheels and knowing that our van was now fixed we decided to go snorkeling. After the beach we stopped by the bottelo for some thank you beers and later met the boys for dinner. Originally we were planning on a big Friday night on the town but after such a long day and big plans for tomorrow we decided that an early night was a good idea.

The next morning we woke up nice and early. We found another sneaky place to camp for free. We decided that the beach was too risky and to try something else. The day before, I saw a girl I knew from back in the day and she offered us her driveway. We were super excited to have somewhere legal to camp. Although I had my concerns because her reputation back in high school wasn’t amazing, but I thought that change of scenery and travel might have changed her. I sent her a message after we got our car back but never heard back from her. Disappointing but not surprising, Perth people ya know. Our new sneaky camping spot was just next door to our mechanics with some other cars parked up outside.

As always we did our morning routine wake up before sunrise, drive the car to the beach to watch the sunrise and then get ready for the day. While Yolly was gathering her stuff I had a quick cat nap and then she dropped me off with the van in the carpark near the IGA (because I can’t drive the van). I then got all my stuff ready and read my book before it was time for me to walk over to the dive shop.

To be continued…

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