One might ask when they hear that I went there. Don’t worry I asked the same thing. When I was looking on the Qatar website to see where I would go next I saw a city called Skopje, I have never heard of it before and couldn’t even image what country it was in.

Do you know? If not that is okay, I’ll tell ya. Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia. It is small with a population of 536,271 people (recorded in 2012), I thought it was really sweet and enjoyed my time there. I would recommend just two days as I felt that was enough to explore the old town, hike the cross and then go check out Matka a Canyon where you can go kayaking. There is also an option of hiking from the cross all the way to the canyon if I planned ahead I would have totally done that. Instead I caught the local bus there and back.

In Skopje I met up with my friend Melissa and we set off towards Ohrid. Ohrid is a town on the lake, it is surrounded by mountains and beautiful hikes. We did an amazing hike in the national park called Galicica. We got dropped of at number 24 (refer to the number below) by our taxi and hiked the G5>T5 finishing in Elsani and getting the Bus back from Elesec. I highly recommend this hike because at the highest point you have the view of the three lakes and can see three countries, Albania, Macedonia and Greece. If you have a drone it’s an amazing spot for some cool videos, unfortunately I didn’t but I still got some incredible panoramas.

In Ohrid there are a few hostels and you can also get amazingly cheap apartments. We got super lucky and got a place for $20 USD, with the view of the lake, out own balcony and kitchen. It was the low season but even it was $40 it would still be worth it. I still have the dudes whatsapp so if you guys want I can pass it on, just shoot me a message.

After our relaxing few days in the lake we headed to Tirana the capital of Albania (if you didn’t know). We stayed in the coolest hostel Tirana backpackers, it has such a nice vibe and made me feel like I was back in Central America. Apparently it has lots of great second hand shops and you have to check out the Bunkart museum it was amazing.

Everything is so cheap in both these countries so it’s a great place to spend some time if you are waiting for your Schengen to tick over (more on the Schengen here).

PS. I’m laughing a little bit about the title because I made it at the beginning of the trip when I was in Macedonia and now I’m rereading Veronica Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho.

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