Ep12 – What Do You Feel Is The Most Powerful Way To Form Lasting Connections To The People You May Meet For A Short Amount Of Time Travelling?

In this episode I got really excited and answered all the questions Carly asked. The first question I answered was…

What do you feel is the most powerful way to form lasting connections to the people you may meet for a short amount of time travelling?

It then lead me into answering the next question which was…

How do you make sure when you’re travelling that you keep yourself open to all types of experiences, even when you have those moments of self doubt or feeling down?

Before answering her last question I go to introduce my perfect stranger. I give some cool tips for Portugal and talk a little about an after party that we went to after a festival that followed a surfing comp in the West Coast of Australia.

I finish off by answering her last question where I get to share with you more about my passion and purpose in life.

Notes and links talked about in the podcast.

Zenith brunch place in Porto – https://www.zenithcaffe.pt/en/

Guys We F*****d Podcast- https://open.spotify.com/show/0P2SjQIhj94pDssakVCKbv

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