How to get there? Easy just hop on to an ADO bus from Tulum to Valladolid.

Where to stay? I stayed at the cheapest hostel I could find on hostelword for just one night.

Where to eat? Lots of cheap street food. And we were lucky to be there during a huge Agricultural festival its like Perth Royal Show on steroids. They had all different farm animals, millions of silly games, rides, clothes stalls, department stalls, so much food and drink. Anything you can think of the fair had it, including live music and rap battles.

What to do? Well the obvious thing is Chichen Itza. Most people go during the day, to do a tour, clap at the bottom of the pyramid to hear the bird noises but I went at night time which is free and you get to watch a light show on the ruins. Be warned the whole thing is in Spanish, and at that point I understood nothing but it was still really cool.

Chichen Itza ruins during the free light show.

Another thing to do is visit the popular cenote Ik Kil which is located on the Chichen Itza grounds, there are also other less populated cenotes that you can visit in the area.

Next…there were two options to back track down to Tulum to go to Lake Bacalar or check out this old colonial city called Merida. I chose the later.




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How to get there? Once again just hop onto an ADO but to Merida or if you want you can hitchhike.

Where to stay? Zocalo which means main square in Spanish. Guess where it is located…on the main square. Hands down one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Firstly it is run by locals, there is no silly wristband bullshit. No bunk bed bullshit everyone has their own bed. And the best thing about the hostel is the included breakfast. OH MY G! You name it they had it, all types of fruit (watermelon, grapes, mango etc), yogurt, they made you an omelette to order, coffee, tea, juice, milk, cereal, cream covered strawberries, bread, butter, jam, peanut butter..well you get the idea. Best place ever!!!!! They also had a kitchen and free all day tea and coffee. Huge lockers, good showers and toilets. Seriously, I would just go to Merida for this hostel. Oh and I forgot to mention it is in an old beautiful building with high ceilings.

My beautiful Prici during our gringo Mexican dinner.

Where to eat? There have huge food markets. Also its a pretty big city so it has western food options like sushi. It has lots of nice coffee shops and bakeries. Lots of local taco spots.

And you must must visit an ice cream shop called Pola. All the flavours are natural and everything is made in store with organic ingredients. They make the waffle cones there so the place smells like bliss. It will always have a place in my heart because that is where I met my Mexican Hipster friend Prici, who let me try all the ice cream flavours and then invited me to come stay with her family.

Party? Lots of funky bars, with great Salsa music.

Extra info.. Walk the streets the city is beautiful.

Friday nights in the main square they play Poc de Poc, which is an ancient Mayan ball game that they recreate. It kind of reminds you of quidditch but instead of chasing the ball on broomsticks they try and hit it with their hips and get it through a hoop that is 3m high. Watch the video by clicking here.

Next…We are again at a cross road Laguna Bacalar or the Jungle, I realised I would be saving 540 Mexican pesos so I skipped it, but thats only $27US so if you are faced with that choice, don’t skip Lake Bacalar. It is by far my favourite place in Mexico, “but how?” you asked. As I mentioned earlier I came back the second time to Mexico and it is a great place to stop over before Belize or just to visit before heading to the Pacific side of Mexico. It is known as the lake of seven colours and it is breathtaking.



HEY HEY!!! I had big plans for the El Panchan, well actually quite the opposite, I was just going to have some solo time in the jungle, catching up on my blog, sleeping and relaxing. Although my trip to Palanque did not go as I planned. When I got of the bus in the morning I bumped into this Argentinian girl, Carla who was going to the same place as me, seeing as she spoke Spanish I decided to stick with her. When we arrived to Jungle Palace where we planned to stay they only had shared rooms, so we decided to share. She seemed to have a lot more energy than I after the night bus so we decided to check out the ruins. They were amazing, so many different once hidden all through the jungle.

After the ruins we decided to take a trip to the waterfalls which unfortunately were leaving only in the morning so we wanted to try go on our own but apparently it was too dangerous. Luckily we bumped into this guy with a car who took us all the way there and then to the supermarket. The jungle palace was great, apart from the fact that it didn’t have a kitchen so we couldn’t cook.

I was planning to stay longer but the Carla wanted to leave the next day, and seeing at the road from Palenque to San Cristobal always had issues (like tourist busses getting set on fire and bus drivers getting killed) and was seen as dangerous I decided to just leave with her. We booked a tour that started at our place and took us to two waterfalls. One of the waterfalls was supposed to be Agua Azul but Mexican style they changed the tour while we were already on it and took us to the same waterfall hat we have already been to Roberto Barrios, but those waterfalls are so incredible and massive that we had a completely different experience and then we set off for San Cristobal.




NEW DAY NEW HOSTEL(post from 12th December)

Today I moved closer to Waikiki beach.
Bye bye Hawaii

Together we cried, we laughed, we enjoyed.

I haven’t posted in the past few days because I moved hostels closer to Waikiki beach a few nights ago and the Internet hasn’t been great. The actual place was kinda gross but super good location so I didn’t spend much time at home/had time to sit down and write. The bed was comfortable, but my roomies were not great, the place smelt like a rubbish bin and was crawling with insects.

Long story short the day I moved, I had an awesome day exploring and then I got home to tell our couchsurfer host what time I land, for some reason it said Thursday and not Monday, this made me very confused and then I realized that it was booked for January 14th 2016 not December 14th 2015, **palm to face**

And of course the Internet at the hostel didn’t work. But that is all sorted and I’m writing this on the plane.

On my second last night I met some interesting dudes who were staying at the Sheraton, so we partied there. And one of the actually invited me to go stay back at his place in the north shore, which would have been rad but Jackie awaits!!

On my last night my new friend Cam and I, chillen on Waikiki beach drinking vino out of coffee cups. And then went to watch a meteorite shower, which was actually pretty cool and somethings I would never had done. That is why I love to travel because I get to do things I would never do at home and meet people that I would have never met before.

Hawaii post with tips and hints coming soon! Let me know if you guys have any questions x



So this morning my Argentinian mate Max, and I set of on another adventure to find the stairs. Although this time the no trespassing rule was implemented a bit more than with my other hike, with the guards at the bottom on the stairs so we couldn’t get up there. So we left disappointed, muddy and mosquito bitten.

Instead we just cruised along the palm tree high ways, listening to reggae beats, to some crystal water beaches of Hawaii and chilled out there. Pictures from Malapu’u beach will be up on my insta @travelandotherdrugs

After an amazing beach nap we went to Manoa Falls, I must say I felt like I was in a magic Forrest walking to the water fall it was so green that my eyes found it difficult to adjust!

Now I’m just chilling in bed, packing my bag to move on to the next hostel closer to Waikiki.

Thank you for reading!