After traveling for 13 months with only 3 pairs of shoes, I believe that you only need 3 types of shoes, unless you are not worried about foot fungus.

Flipflops these are great for the beach, shower and everyday wear. I love my gold Havaianas with a back strap around the heel. The back strap allows me to use them not only for the beach/shower but also provides the support of a sandal. The gold colour makes its seem dressier than it is and the back strap keeps it on my foot. (I have also hiked in these babies).


Boots are great for going out, rain, mud and cold weather. Last trip I went with these little leather boots that folded down tiny but this time I have slightly upgraded and will be taking my Dr Martens. I have watched numerous youtube videos on how to wear them in and I believe they are finally ready. Docs are so versatile, firstly they have super comfy soles and they mould to your foot. They are great for wet or muddy weather (so perfect for festivals) and you can also wear them to go out. They can be worn with a dress or jeans. I know some people even hike in them. A total winner in my eyes.


Running shoe with grip are great for exercising, hiking or everyday wear.  Unfortunately, I went for fashion over practicality with this one, but ideally you would want a shoe that you could hike in (if you are into that kinda stuff). I’m taking my runners for when I want to exercise or for when I just want a lighter shoe option.


I hope you have liked these tips, please share them on to your friends.



See you soon Puerto Escondido, hello Mazunte and Zipolite. I set off on my bus adventure to Mazunte with my day pack after my homie Kapono said I could leave my big bag with him. It took me a long time that day to leave as always I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do but in the end I left.

When I got to Mazunte at 4pm it was super hard to find any accomidation, I walked hostel to hostel, guesthouse anything and everything. Things were either all booked out or too expensive. In the end I ended up walking really far away and that place was booked out too, but there was a guy sitting in there who said I should go to this dude called Amiliano he owns heaps of hostels which are super nice and that I could find him in his restaurant. I decided to follow his advice and find Amiliano. In the end the dude hooked me up with this sweet place right on the beach, with the kitchen, hammock and my own double bed. I could see the sunrise and the ocean from my bed. I also had an Italian, stoner room mate, who was super lovely and had this cute gf who he would teach yoga everyday.

That night I cooked up a feast in the kitchen. The next day my friend from Puerto came to visit me and then I went on a hike to some beaches, apparently there were three but I only got to the second one. Where I walked past some nudists, who inspired me to get naked, so I did. I also watched the sunset there and headed back to cook some more epic food.

The next day I woke up did yoga and decided to visit the nudist beach, seeing as I was slowly becoming one, but I wasn’t going to get naked, but in the end I did. Why not, right? I was actually surprised about how little naked people were there, and confused to whether I was in the right place or not. And then I had an old, naked couple walked past and I knew I was in the right place. I found a nice place on the beach, to myself, and got my junk out. The best part was swimming until the strong current, quickly began taking me away, and away from my clothes. To get back to my clothes I had to get my ass out and do a quick nudie run. I finished my day in Zipolite, with a Carona and a fish Ceviche and then headed back for Puerto.


How to get there? Super easy, you have to get to Puerto Juarez either from Cancun Centro ADO terminal or from a hostel you are staying in. From there you will buy a ticket to Isla Mujeres the ferry is only 15 minutes.

Where to stay? Poc Na is a popular hostel to stay you can book through Hostelworld or by emailing them directly. I recommend to call or email if its fully booked on Hostelworld because usually they put up only a limited amount of rooms on there and actually have more available if you contact them directly. There are obviously other options also, if you arrive during the day and have the energy to walk around you can find a hostel that is not listed online and stay for a bargain price. There are also many camping options at Poc Na and other locations on the island.

Where to eat? There is a great whole in the wall, Taco and other authentic Mexican little eats place right next to Poc Na, there are a lot of Vegan and Vegetarian options available also, and if you would like to splurge a little you can eat at one of the restaurants on the main street where the ferry docs (I highly recommend it, great sea food).

Party? Yes party island, beach parties at Poc Na very night.

Next… Another Mexican Island, Holbox, the main way to get around on this island is with a golf cart that can be hired in many locations.



How to get there? Is a little bit harder to get to but doable. Obviously if you are not a cheap backpacker you can hire a car or a private transfer but what is the fun in that, am I right? Here are the instructions for the bus.

There are daily departures [7:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 1:45 pm] from Cancun to Chiquila from the main bus terminal in Cancun City. From Chiquila you will get the ferry.

If you are going straight from the Cancun airport there is an Airport ADO Bus that runs approx every hour from 7:00am to 10:00pm. It leaves from the airport Terminals 2 and 3 and goes to the downtown central bus station in Cancun City on Tulum Ave.

There if you arrive early enough you can catch the 7:30am MAYAB line bus to Chiquila. The next bus is at 12:30pm MAYAB line to Chiquila, and the last bus is 1:45pm NORESTE bus line.

Many flights arrive in Cancun too late to make these connections so you might have to spend one night downtown at a hotel close to the Bus Station.

Going back to Cancun from Holbox there is a 5:30am NORESTE bus from Chiquila, a 7:30am MAYAB Bus from Chiquila and finally a 1:30pm MAYAB bus from Chiquila.

You can also come from a place called Merida I went there from Holbox, here are the instructions for that. The only bus we know that travels to Chiquila from Merida is a late nighter departing from Merida main bus terminal at 11 pm.

Directions borrowed from:

Where to stay? I stayed in a hostel called Tribu a very popular option, it was recommended to me by many. It has a kitchen, a bar, free yoga and nightly activities. Again you can find cheaper options online or if you walk around upon arrival and you can also camp on this island.

Where to eat? If you stay at Tribu they will give you a map and point out local markets and some restaurants. Otherwise most places are on the main road that leads from the ferry doc. We had amazing Pizza at the Pizza place and amazing ceviche and fish tacos at the little markets.

Best coffee (Australia standards) was at Tierra Mia.

Party? There are a few bars on the island to party at or Tribu.

Extra info.. Go see the flamingos and the HOLBOX hammocks in the water.

Next… This is a mini Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, lots of American tourists and huge party. Personally I only went because I was going to the music festival BPM.



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How to get there? Super easy. Get an ADO bus straight from the airport or from the Cancun city terminal.

Where to stay? I think the most popular accommodation is at the Yak but when I visited my friends there the internet was sooooo bad. The place I stayed at was called Tres Mundos it was on the local side, super nice people running it, it was cheap, free toast and coffee, beds were okay and it had a kitchen. There are so so so so many hostels that are not online so just walk about and you will find something.

Photo taken in Playa of some local dancers.

Where to eat? There is lots of street food (I love love love street food) especially in the park on 15 Avenida Nte and Calle 2 Nte. I think on the way to that there is the best taco shop I ever went to but I can’t remember the exact address and it didn’t have a name but I will describe it and perhaps you will find yourself there. I was on the corner, it has a plastic chairs. Scratch that I just looked it up on google maps its on the corner of 15 Avenida Nte and Calle 4 Nte. They are so simple but amazing, I am drooling right now.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.58.44 pm.png

Party? If you can try come for BPM, otherwise I heard Coco Bongo is nuts.

Extra info… There are a lot of cool cenotes around playa. Cenotes are fresh water whole usually in underground caves, super cool. I didn’t go to this one but I heard Dos Ojos is amazing, you can also snorkle or scuba dive in them.

Next…Of Playa there is an island called Cozumel, it is known for its diving. I was there before I got my scuba but I met lots and lots of people that said it was incredible.



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How to get there? Super easy, from Playa Del Carmen you just get a 45min ferry over.

Where to stay? I stayed at a hostel called Beds Friends, it is really nice and the stuff were super helpful. Also up Calle 10 Nte, there is a place called Tamart they do a by donations yoga classes.

Where to eat? Because it is an Island where all the cruise ships stop they have all the American food joints like Hard Rock but also lots of local restaurants.

There is also a super cute juice shop few streets down from bed friends.

Extra info.. Go diving here, you can do your open water or fun dives. Also hire a scooter and explore the island, it only cost us $20US for the day.

Our next stop on the journey is going to be Tulum, a little beach town you can not miss.



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How to get there? From Playa Del Carmen you can get a collectivo (a mini van) that goes straight there, just ask the hostel and it should only cost you 35 mexican peso, so just under 2 USD.

Where to stay? I stayed in a place called Chill Inn, which I loved, it had a different breakfast every morning, a kitchen, and big beds with privacy curtains, and you had your own light, fan and a power point. Again if you wanted to find somewhere cheaper you could.

Where to eat? Lots of delicious tacos on the street and great cheap restaurants, they also have some fancy ones too but I didn’t visit those.

Party? Lots of different bars.

Cute bar front in Tulum ft. a Mexican man.

Must do.. Go to Akumal Bay, there you can swim with turtles and stingrays, they are everywhere. They will try sell you a $20 US tour but you don’t need to. We hired our snorkle from the hostel for a dollar. And then you just walk to the other end where the beach is not marked off and they just swim around. You can also swim up to one of the tours but the turtles are everywhere. We also got some snacks, beers and a cooler from an OXXO (convenience store) which is just before the entry.

What else to do? We tried to hire bikes and cycling to the beach ruins but in the end we just got a collectivo.

You can also hire bikes or scooter to explore beach further away.

We hitchhiked for the Copa Cenotes (three very different cenotes in one area), and they also have Copa ruins there. The great thing about those cenotes was that we were the only ones there. That is until we got to the last one where some guys were filming a music video. All three were huge one even had a 10m diving board.

Extra info.. Great place to do laundry.

Next we are going to visit the famous Ruins in the Yucatan region Chichen Itza. The ruins are located just out of a town called Valladolid.