New York City has long been on my list. Rather than the glitz of Manhattan I was looking for the alternative side of the city. Brooklyn is where the hipster revolution began. I stayed with a friend, who I recently met at a festival in Costa Rica, who kindly offered me his couch in Williamsburg.

I explored Brooklyn in both summer and winter. There is so much to share so I’ve put together a list of the top 5 things you cannot miss. All perfect if you are on a budget!

1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It wouldn’t be a top 5 list without it! It’s about 30 minute stroll end to end. Not only free but will also save you a train fare to Manhattan. Perfect when on a budget… win!


Look how happy I am!

If you are hungry pop into Shake Shack for a cheap feed and tick it off your NYC fast food list.


Even happier!

2. Have breakfast at The Bagel Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s bustling hotspot. Famous for its rainbow bagels going crazy on Instagram.  I went for the rainbow bagel with smoked salmon and jalapeño cream cheese.

I couldn’t resist and had to leave with the cotton candy bagel with Oreo cream cheese. Oh my god! Make sure you grab some for later.

3. Play a game of shuffle board at  Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

Huh? What is shuffleboard?


It’s a game where players push weighted pucks down a long, smooth wooden table to a scoring area at the other end of the table. I’d never even heard of shuffleboard before! For Australians, think of it like lawn bowls. Same same but totally different and trust me it’s so much fun!


Munch on delicious food van treats and wash it down with a cocktail. After your hour is up play some card games or make use of the free photo booth.

4. Go secondhand shopping to stock up on vintage and preloved clothes. There are so many options in Brooklyn!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 3.53.02 pm.png

In Australia we call thrift stores ‘op-shops’ which is short for ‘opportunity shop’. No one understood me when I asked for directions for those hipster op-shops.

5. Get your street art on and walk the streets of Bushwick.

Bushwick has hundreds of artist studios and plenty of gallery spaces. The ultimate creative Mecca with streets full of incredible street art by both well known and upcoming artists.

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 Much love. Hope this list inspires your next adventure!

dasha white




So I had a bit of a shock when I moved into my hostel leaving my friends behind and meeting a crazy girl from Alabama. We greeted by her shaking her big ass in my face and then telling me, “I just lost my baby, and now I’m trying to get back into shape for the boys, but not from an abortion or anything it just stopped growing at 11weeks”. I was speechless, she than began to tell me that she just texted a guy, “I’m thinking about your big dick” and was surprised when he replied to her with some dirty shit. And the finally was when she told me she used to sell her body for money…man I was freaked the fuck out.

The first impressions of the hostel were not great, everything was rusty and falling apart, the kitchen was missing everything. I was just in a bad place, the hostel ended up rocking, free breakfast and dinner! One block away from the beach that had free yoga and amazing, amazing people.

Some of the highlights from Miami
-Free yoga on the beach

-Sleeping all day on Miami Beach

-Going in the DJ booth to watch MAKJ (total VIP, free drinks and great service)

-art walk in the art district of Miami, all the galleries were open and we could go in with djs and drinks and cool street art

-Making friends with one of the nicest dudes and big name in the EDM music industry

-Meeting an absolute babe from London who works as a lawyer for Nike. She invited me on this epic road trip around America but that means I have to choose between BPM or road trip! And I have no winter clothes!



The good shit is at the very end!!!!
So far HOLYSHIP has been pretty epic, on the 1st night we had the biggest feed and then went dancing. I became a part of the pizza crew and met Odesza, Adam from Peking duk, and the boys from Slumberjack.

 Day 2

Coco Kay got canceled, so we just woke up for breakfast at 11 and went back to sleep after. We slowly got our costumes on, tonight I am an alien. My costume got adapted throughout the night by some lovely ladies who stuck googly eyes on me (before and after below). We saw Peking Duk, Flosstradamus, and the Destructo’s sunrise set. Had some breakfast and went to sleep.

 Day 3

Was epic, I woke up super fresh went to yoga on the cruise ship, which was good! Then freshened up, chucked my bathers on and went to watch Peking Duk at the pool deck stage, from the Spa. Got dressed up again (lifeguard), watched a bit of Slumberjack and then went to have a feed at the Black Crab, which is a restaurant, I had a Pina Colada soup and some shrimp.

Once again we got rained out from pool deck to the theater stage. We saw Alice Wonderland, Flosstradamus, Snails, Tommy Trash, and then we moved the party to Galaxy stage I believe but I can’t really remember. There I saw my mate Patty who was dancing with Odesza, yes my fave band ever!!!!! So we had a cheeky dance together till the end of the set and then went upstairs to the artist chill area where we just talked shit and drank Pina Coladas with Odesza (Clay and Harrison), their vid guy Luke and Jai Wolf. Not gonna lie probs the best night of my life! Clay and Harrison are the nicest guys!!
It was sad to say bye bye to our amazing room!!

And now I’m back in Miami, I was meant to head out last night with Patty and Ruben from Peking Duck but I was way too tired. Now I’m just taking it easy in my not so glamours hostel room, at least there was free dinner! It’s hard to transition back to solo travel when you have been traveling with mates and the hardest part is transitioning from hotel’s king sized beds to tiny half a single hostel bed.
I still feel like I’m on the boat and the floor is rocking beneath me. HOLYSHIP blew my mind, I’m not sure if I just got lucky but I had the best experience, amazing boat, amazing food and amazing people!



So once again I find myself at the airport with my travel plans not going as planned, this time it wasn’t my fault though. I’m finally learning, right?
Anyways so what happened this time is our 8:25pm flight to Vegas from San Francisco was cancelled due to bad weather. The next option was 11pm the next day but luckily we got a 9am flight for tomorrow but we are going to be stuck in San Fran for another night. At least we have insurance to pay for our hotel and food! Yay!!!
We arrive to the airport at 7:15am to wait in the line for Virgin America, as we got to the counter to check in Jackies bag (because mine was missing as I never got it last night) and the lady says…”oh sorry, but United Airlines didn’t finish your reservation so you don’t actually have a ticket, you have to go back to United and get them to finish the reservation”.
United just cancelled another flight and the queues were insane, the wait was a few hours and it was 8am our flight was leaving at 9am. All the other flights to Vegas were sold out. So we wouldn’t be able to leave till like the 30th and we were meant to leave on the 28th last night.
We ended up pushing in to try and get it sorted for our 9am flight but they wouldn’t help us, Jackie started crying I was on a verge, begging them to help us while they still could get us on that flight. The man ended up serving us but wasn’t very helpful. He said, “we don’t know who has been doing it but we can’t do anything to help us apart from rebooking us on a new United flight. So we decided to run back with no time to spare and buy the Virgin America flights for $280 US our selves. We them got a priority sticker to go through security and ran to our gate. Luckily we made it on time.

A miracle occurred when my bag was there waiting for me at the Vegas airport.
When we got to our hotel, we found out that our hotel booking was cancelled because we missed the first night even though we already paid for the room. They got us checked in, in the end and we crashed in our king size bed.
That night we went out for giant margaritas and to Omina and saw Ricky Remero.

The next night we went to Zumanity which is a cirque du sole show, adults only 😉 and went around the world with CocaCola.

And on New Years Eve, we went to a club called Surrender to see Diplo, the place was awesome and we had a good night until we woke up…but that’s another story. (Yep those are scrubs)

We then rushed to get our 10am flight on New Year’s Day and safely made it to Miami.



Right now I’m sitting over looking LA city from the Hollywood sign look out, I thought this would be the perfect place to write my post about LA.

Today we were planning on going to Disneyland but poor Jackie woke up sick, so I set off on a solo journey to the Hollywood Sign, seeing as we went to the wrong place yesterday. On the bus I met some Brazilian girls so I was solo for long, and then I sped up ahead and lost them, but bumped into some lovely Ladies from LA, Connie and Elena.

So back track to Friday when we moved to Hollywood, the hostel was nice I got to try the iconic “In and Out Burger”.

Then we went on a shitty pub crawl the people were good but not the locations we went to. Some how I managed to lose everyone and go off on my own, met some dudes, and then we drove around dropping off clothes to homeless people, that was such an amazing experience.

The next morning I woke up with the world’s worst hang over, I have never been so sick in my life, my head was throbbing and I couldn’t move. I struggled to get some breakfast into me and then went back to sleep. We pretty much slept the whole day and then went out for some drinks to some cool speakeasy bars.

Sunday morning we woke up pretty fresh, seeing as we didn’t have shitty alcohol. We went on a hike to Runyon Canyon Park, had lunch at our favorite food spot Shophouse. It’s an Asian fast food place where you have an option of choosing noodle, rice or salad and then a meat (pork, chicken, steak, tofu) and then a sauce like peanut or curry, and some vegetables, then some other stuff on top like pickled vegetables, nuts, it’s delicious!!!

We then set off for the Hollywood sign but unfortunately we went to the wrong place and too late. (Below is how far we were)

So here I am on my not solo hike. Looking over the beautiful view.
Fast forward to later tonight, I have moved hostels to our new, not so great hostel. My bed wasn’t clean, no clean towels (have to wait till tomorrow) and the Internet wasn’t working, no chargers near the beds. But at least we came in time for the beer pong and free beer.

Also my lovely new LA friends recommend going to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) so we went there quickly before the move. Below is a picture of me on one of the iconic outdoor exhibits.

And after we got an epic feast at Mel’s Drive in which was this diner of the Hollywood Boulevard. (Free coffees)

And now I’m just deciding what to do, whether to stroll over to my old hostel or stay here.

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This morning I awoke from a sleep on a cloud, the bed in the mansion is incredible. We decided to give Dr Phil a miss as we had to go pick up our tickets before we went to the Conan O’brien which was cool, it was the last episode for the year, lots of Christmas carols and Dick van Dyke.
We had a lunch a Hooters.

And then watched the LA Clippers (bball team) beat Milwaukee Bucks!
Now back on my cloud bed!



NEW DAY NEW HOSTEL(post from 12th December)

Today I moved closer to Waikiki beach.
Bye bye Hawaii

Together we cried, we laughed, we enjoyed.

I haven’t posted in the past few days because I moved hostels closer to Waikiki beach a few nights ago and the Internet hasn’t been great. The actual place was kinda gross but super good location so I didn’t spend much time at home/had time to sit down and write. The bed was comfortable, but my roomies were not great, the place smelt like a rubbish bin and was crawling with insects.

Long story short the day I moved, I had an awesome day exploring and then I got home to tell our couchsurfer host what time I land, for some reason it said Thursday and not Monday, this made me very confused and then I realized that it was booked for January 14th 2016 not December 14th 2015, **palm to face**

And of course the Internet at the hostel didn’t work. But that is all sorted and I’m writing this on the plane.

On my second last night I met some interesting dudes who were staying at the Sheraton, so we partied there. And one of the actually invited me to go stay back at his place in the north shore, which would have been rad but Jackie awaits!!

On my last night my new friend Cam and I, chillen on Waikiki beach drinking vino out of coffee cups. And then went to watch a meteorite shower, which was actually pretty cool and somethings I would never had done. That is why I love to travel because I get to do things I would never do at home and meet people that I would have never met before.

Hawaii post with tips and hints coming soon! Let me know if you guys have any questions x