People always ask me how do I have so much money to travel all the time, so here are my words of wisdom.

1. Moving back in with the ‘rents, If that seems like a drag, it might be a good time to try and sort out that relationship. Saving around $200/wk will get you a long way.

2. Stop buying coffees, if you have an addiction invest in a coffee machine.

3. Stop buying lunch out, I used to hate eating soggy sandwiches for lunch but then I discovered the art of lunch packing! It is actually way easier than you think and will save you around $15/day on lunch.

4. Stop buying that Coke/chocolate bar, firstly it will slim you and secondly that is around $5/day.

5. Catch public transport/walk/ride to save on fuel and parking. Again this will get you closer to your holiday bod plus save you around $50/wk depending on your lifestyle.

6. Buy home brand, okay I know some people are above that but it will save you some big bucks.

7. Start thinking of creative ways to hang out with your mates that doesn’t involve you spending big bucks. Instead of going out for dinner/drinks/coffee invite them for a walk, run, dinner party, games night, movie night. Instead of eating/drinking out try doing it at home, yet still making everything delicious and fun. Another awesome way to save and still go out for that nice dinner is Scoopon and Groupon.

8. This is an obvious one but have at least have 2 bank accounts, one for every day spending and the other for your travel savings. And then make sure you have an automated amount placed into saving every week! I know some employers can even do that for you.

9. Stop spending money on materialistic soul draining objects. Travel is the only thing you buy that will make you richer. So next time you ask yourself do I really need those new jeans… you don’t. Put them down and transfer that amount into your travel savings account. Also op shopping is another option. 

10. Lastly, get a good job, don’t under value yourself because you are an amazing human being and you should be paid like one too. Follow your dreams, love your job and then you won’t work a day in your life. When looking a for a job think outside the box, there are so many new ways you can earn money these days, and good money.

If you guys have any other awesome tips, please share and I’ll add them in.