#noregrets Contiki Exposed

This post will look at the Pro’s and Con’s of Contiki. To Contiki or not to Contiki? That has been a common question, personally I wish I did a bit more research before I decided to get roped into doing a Contiki tour by my travel agent. But I have to say it is definitely a one of a kind experience.

The Yays!

  1. It’s like a party bus, with 50 people around Europe.
  2. Get ready to party every night.
  3. No stress, the good thing about Contiki is that you are spoon fed and everything is pre planned for you. So even though you only have a couple of days at each place you don’t have to worry about doing any research it is all done for you.
  4. You are never on your own (unless you want to be), you are on a bus with 50 other people, who are like minded any ready to have fun.
  5. Great thing for a solo traveller,  to start with Contiki and then continue traveling with your new buddies.
  6. You form amazing friendships (although that happens when you travel in general), and get to travel with a massive group.
  7. My friend said that he felt like people were easier to approach..(safe environment) 
  8. You can’t waste all day in bed hungover cause you’re pretty much forced to go do things everyday.
  9. Some of the extra activities were awesome and things you may not usually organise to do yourself otherwise, eg. skiing, white water rafting, paragliding etc.
  10. If you are single or maybe Contiki will be the consequence of you becoming single, you may find love, become a “Contiki couple” and then continue your relationship long term.
  11. It is definitely a really different way of traveling, and a unique experience.

The nays!

  1. Too expensive, for what you pay for. If you were to book the trip on your own it would work out way cheaper.
  2. There is also the hidden cost for the extra activities that they don’t mention, dinners, paragliding etc.
  3. The extra activity dinners were expensive and not that great.
  4. You don’t have much flexibility to do what you want, if you don’t pay for the extra activities you may be left outside the location to do nothing.
  5. We did the budget option and the accommodation was really far from anything exciting so you weren’t able to explore and just ended up just spending the afternoon at the campsite.
  6. If you want to go to the supermarket to get some snacks you would have to forfeit your free time to explore.
  7. Most of the meal/snack stops were at petrol stations where everything is double if not triple the price, and the food was usually super unhealthy.
  8. You spend an awful lot of time on the bus.
  9. Be prepared to get sick, and acquire a chronic cough…“Contiki Cough”. Instead of laughing everyone will be coughing.
  10. Majority of the bus will be Australians, the reason for this is because it is a New Zealand company and people in Europe don’t even know about it.. You don’t get to spend much time with the locals so majority of the time will be spent with Aussies. Which I guess is awesome if you aren’t from Australia.
  11. Early mornings and the lack of freedom to pick how you want to spend your day.

I also made a little survival pack for Contiki which is listed below:

  • Hydralytes
  • Vitamins
  • Neck pillow
  • Panadol